Sunday, December 22, 2013


         About a couple month ago before I quit from my job, I really need some refreshing. I was very stress about all of office stuff especially the Jakarta ambience. Jakarta is bussiest city in Indonesia. Traffic jam is everyday and Poution is anywhere. So I need a place with a great view, natural and uncontaminated with polution. Fortunately, my friend called me and asked me to accompanied him practice his photography skill. The other good news is, The place is not too far from Jakarta. So, I am came in.
        That place is located at Bogor. One of city in near jakarta that still natural. Not all of the part of city, but at least the air and atmosphere is still fresh. From Jakarta, it taken about ninety minutes by a car. If we passed a subway with full speed, we will arrived less than a hour. We took a little bit time to found our destination by following GPS direction. Because we have to passed a village with small road to got there.
In the of the way to our destination, we found a T juction that point a sign to two different location. Curug Luhur and Curug Nangka. For your information, ‘Curug’ is term for Waterfall. After asking a villager, we dicided to go to Curug Luhur first because she said that curug Luhur is better than Curug Nangka.

          Curug Luhur is a good place. There are many pool and water games that suitable for a kid. Curug luruh it is looked like small waterboom but the waterfall it is not as good as that water games. The curug luhur waterfall is too small and not good enough for photograph. So we went to the second place.

 The second place is curug nangka. Curug nangka location is not too far from curug luhur. From the parking area, we have to walked around two kilometer to reach the waterfall. We have to through a pine forest with a slope upward way.  After pine forest, we found a river with a clear water and milestones. If we are lucky, we will find wild monkeys prowl around the river and forest. We always take a picture along the way. Everywhere is a good angle. After go following the river, we found the Waterfall. It is a big waterfall with a huge water rushing. It is so refresh to being there.
Here is some of that picture :

             That was a great experience when I got there, I had a good pictures, Refresh my mind, and get a new story to tell. Lately I know that we can also camping in Curug Nangka location. Someday I will go there again with my family or my friends.


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