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          Plastics are using in almost every equipments of modern lifestyle. Not only for shopping bags, but also use at other household equipments. That is why plastics are so important in human life, but there is negative impact of plastics usage for natural environment. Plastic is hard to decomposed by soil. It is need a hundred years to make a plastic full disapear from our land. Can you Imagine how many plastic rubishs will pile up our land day by day? Indonesia has a big solution to solve this problem.

Sugianto Tandio is an owner of PT Tirta Marta, one of plastic factory in Indonesia. He did 5-years research to found an earth-friendly materials for his factory products, which is mean Cassavas. These plastic products only needs lees than a year to decomposed. That is because these plastic is bio-degradation plastic. Land living organisms will easly decomposed these plastics by eating this raw material.
Actually, we can use other tubbers as raw materials of earth-friendly plastics, but there is another reason of cassavas usage. Cassava is one of big commodity in Indonesia. Cassavas are not the primer foods and knows as the cheapest tuber in Indonesia. Besides, the flour that producted by cassavas are more than the other tubers. That is why cassavas are choose as a raw materials for earth friendly plastic. 
This factory is coorperate with some UKM in one village at Bogor city to process a cassavas into cassava-powder. For your information, UKM is called for little-middle bussiness in Indonesia. UKM usually consist of villagers, such us household mothers or teenagers.
 The process are devided to some steps. Firstly, UMK members removed peel of cassavas that already harvest from a field.  After that, the cassavas are washed and mills into a powder then it is drieds under the sunlight until it dry. They are use bleach to makes the cassavas-powder has a whiter colour.
 The next step is doing at the factory. The casavva-powder that UKM produced is changed to be a plastic seeds. The plastic seeds is melted and processed again into a plastic sheats. After be a plastic sheats, it shaped and colored appropriate with a design. This kind of plastics is call Ecoplas. Ecoplas from this factory is already used for some companies in other countries. Not only for shopping bag, but also for other needs such us product packaging, doogie waste bag, hanger and many more. Sugianto Tandio gets a lot of accievents from all over the world as his innovation.
In conclusion, Plastics are not the biggest rubish problem again with this inovation. Eventhough this is a earth-friendly plastics, but we still have to minimize a plastics usage to hold the earth polution. 
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