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I want to share a story about someone who is really important in my life beside my family. She is my housekeeper, Mba Wanti. For your information, in Indonesia specially in java etnic, ‘Mba’ is name  for the older sister, or a woman who is older than us. Well, she is not an ordinary housekeeper. For me, She is like my own sister.

         She is a beautiful woman. She has a white skin, curvy body and big curly hair, and she always looked younger than her ages. She is good at cooking. Her cooking is very delicious. Her Sambal Terasi is the best of all. She also a good mother. She had one daughter. Her name is Indry, 19 years old. Indry is a very smart girl. She always got the best 3 ranks in her class since she was at elementary school. She often helps my little brother to do his homework by teaching him.
Mba Wanti had been working to our family for almost 12 years. Everyday she came to our house at 8 am and went back when my mom or my dad arrived home after they worked. Mba wanti had taken care of my little brother since he was born. When my little brother was 2 years old, he loves Mba wanti more than his own mother. He always cried when Mba Wanti had to go home every night. Likewise mba wanti, she treated my brother like her own son. She would get mad if someone yelled or bother my brother. Even if i did that.

I was surprised when she could said all of my sister’s ex boyfriends exactly with the right sequence. Even my mother didn’t know that we had puber. I remembered one day before my sister’s birthday is in this year, she asked my sister, “Which one do you like, nasi uduk or nasi kuning for  your birthday?” even if my sister said  “no. It’s not necessary” She came early at the next day to cook nasi uduk that she had chosen by herself for my sister’s birthday. She also cleaned up my sister’s room, that always looked mess, just to put a birthday pesent from my sister’s boyfriend.
And why did i say she’s like my own sister? That because she always gave me an advice in relationship. Like what kind of boy is my boyfriend if we see him from his attitude, especially about my boyfriend now. Even she is older than me, but she often asks my advice for her problem. We always shared each other about our experience. She told me a lot of about household problem and taught me how to be brave build a long term comitment for making a family of my own. She showed me how to keep down to earth when my arrogancy appear.
22nd September 2013. 
I will always remember that date. That afternoon, my family and mba wanti’s family is waited her at the hospital. My boyfriend is attending too. I canceled dating to come to the hospital, and he accompanied me. That evening, Mba wanti melahirkan a beautifull daughter. She has a white skin, big clear eyes, and She has mba wanti’s nose. Apprently, Mba Wanti has prepared for her daughther’s name. The name is Ruby Ambar.
First picture of Babby Ambar
  About a half an hour after we saw Ambar. We got another news, but that is not good news. Mba wanti got a serious hemorrhanging, and right before she endures an operation, she cannot stand any longer with us. She passed away. The Doctor said that she got a preeclamsia. That condition happened because she has a high blood pressure while her pregnancy gets periode. I should have convincing her to do caesarean opration.
Whatever the reason is, that I will never see her face again.  Now, all i can do is just embrace her from my pray. Good bye my lovely sisters, my secod mother, thanks for come into my life and as much us I can, I will take care of your daughters as my own sister.
Alm. Mba Wanti
Maya, Indry and babby Ambar
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