Thursday, May 8, 2014

Studying at university vs get a job straight after school

Every people has his own vision of bright future and that is related with the excellent employment to fund his life. There are two ways that people can trough to have their dream career. In these modern day, people who continue their study in the university think that it is a best choice to get a great career. While some people agree with that statement, some opinions say that to get a success, find a job after finish school is the better way.
First of all, to work directly after high school will give us much experience and to obtain money faster than that of we have to continue a school first. With the experience,  that some people got after work, they would be categorized as experienced people. The experienced people have their own value to enter another company, and they also have knowledge to earn their own business. Besides, the people who take a job after high school already get their own money from their salary. They can increase their financial family and help the other family members. For instance, they can pay their sister’s school-cost or save for their own needs.
Secondly, it is also understable if some people choose to have a degree before getting a job. University can give us much knowledge that appropriates with our interest and requires in many professions. The people with these academic qualifications are able to campetitive with the other employees who has a lower education, and they are appreciated with a better sallary and oportunities.  In the other ways, continue study to university will give us many relations to get a job. For instance, our lecture who see our progress and academic point can give a recomendation to some company, and the internship program that colleges do is a short cut ways to enter a job after graduated.
Beside their good reasons, all of the choises have a negative sides too. People who work without any degree after high school will hard to get a high position in a big company. Nowadays, many International company only accept new employees with spesific academic title. In the other hands, to achieve a high degree, people needs more time and money to mantain the college-cost. Even if there are many scholarships that universities are offered, but still we need a reserve money for some additional needs. For example, it is to buy a textbook, transportation, and prepare the final project.

Ultimately, Getting a job or continue study after high school is the ways to get a job. both of options have their own benefit depend on condition and requirement of each person. A good occupation will come with a hard work.

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